Thursday October 9th

In Evanston WY.   Pulled In to a truck stop with a

    Taco Time

store.  Actually got some sleep on this,  the second,  bus.  So,  when touring cross country,  I had no idea that some of the most interesting people would be on the bus home.   Most people were sleepily standing in line,  waiting for the transfer,  Then she appeared: a dancing and singing woman (but that’s not the weird part).   Several other folks have revealed strange behavior not too unlike this.   She had a baby carrier (a front-loader/feeder type).   Wait,  there’s more…..    As she jostled around,  reeling in her, likely, drug induced vogue/Macarana moves.  We,  the line people, looked on.   TO most,  this was just another day at the terminal.  To a few of us unseasoned greyhounders,  she was pure entertainment.   We threatened one another with the prospect of her choosing to sit with us.   Oh,  I almost forgot to mention,  the baby was fake. A plastic one,  with brown newborn veins painted on all over its head.   Should I ask about baby?   Does she think it’s real?
After a MacDonald’s stop and smoke break,  the after lunch conversation centered around which drug addictions are worse,  most spoke from experience  (and were proud to share).   Oli commented with a snicker “a conversation everyone can join in.”
Many of these folks remind me of some difficult former students.   This resemblance became clearer as the driver attempted to read the policies.   “I mean it,  I’m not gonna give anymore warnings,  no smoking on  the bus, ” he scolded.   I suppose this is part of their zero tolerance policy they keep reminding us of.   It’s kinda like the Fed- up shopping mom giving her child yet another warning that will clearly never materialize:” I’m gonna count to ten!,  nine,  ten,  ok i mean it this time!  Stop it…. ”

The driver stops speaking,  requests that we listen,  waits for compliance before finishing.  In this situation,  He has an advantage that classroom teachers do not.   When he does this waiting game,  riders know that their trip length,  connections all hinge on their shutting up.   Whereas,  students don’t mind your waiting to continue lecture and wasting class time.

So,  some bus drama…  The mentally ill or drugged lady peed in her seat,  was loud and almost kicked off,  the peanut gallery had to elevate the issue,  and make fun of her (till we told them to stop being cruel to her).  
Another one…   A black guy walking to he bathroom mistakenly pushed a lady’s 2 year old (mom’s been all about drama since Portland).   He apologized,  but she continued to scold him,  the threats got loud.   Our Sicilian army neighbor stood between them (he’s built like a truck).  The driver kicked pee-girl off, I’m glad the driver let her back on the  bus,  she’s clearly messed up and has No one.
He black boys are getting  very loud now. Glad I have headphones 🙂


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