Friday October 10th

Were not half way through Kansas,  above Wichita,  on our way toward Kansas city.   It’s 5 Am,  we’ve been fortunate to have had too many passengers to fit on 1 bus,  so back in Denver,  after an additional hour in line, we were divided  onto 2 busses.   We managed to keep a full 2 seats each,  and this was a long overnight trek.   I slept well for at least 4 hours,  and stretch out.   This bus is new looking,  and clean.  The driver,  Beverly has a great personality and a confident,  commanding presence.   Perhaps this is due in part to her copilot or bouncer sitting beside her.

So we had stopped at a McDonald’s  (SOP) last night,  and wouldn’t it figure that of all 30 passengers,  Oli would be the one person  to almost get left behind.   I warned her of the time,  she ignores me (as she’s prone to do),  calling attention to the other dozen or so passengers also still present and finishing their meals (past the stated time limit).   I knew that most people can eat faster and ready themselves more efficiently than she.

As we all sit,  waiting for her,  the driver,  clearly upset,  stepped off to retrieve her,  all the while saying   “this is Greyhound,  not hound dog,  we will not come after you.”  I noticed that this is also SOP.  These drivers say one thing,  and do another.   They say we may take a maximum of 5 minutes or 10 minutes,   but we always go over this.

Our itinerary would not neatly fit in any email,  here is the essence.:








We parted with a young hippies son in Fort Collins.   A happy-go-lucky, blonde, good-looking kid of 18 years,  he had an adventurous spirit.   This was a ride for experience only,  as his lawyer adopted dad could have sent him via non-barbaric means. Off to enter Navy,  after a short season’s work as an outdoor activities assistant at a ski resort (the one where The Shining was filmed.   He was a free – spirited Portland boy.


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