Wednesday October 8

Shipping out on greyhound.   At 3am this morning,  I saw the Eclipse.   The moon had a shadow cast by the sun through Earth   I’m told that this is one of four times this year (unusually frequent).   They call it a blood moon,  I guess it’s suppose to be red from light bending around Earth on its way to illuminate the moon.   From our hosts home, we walked up Council Crest (it was believed by locals that early natives met up there to discuss governance (and smoke interesting stuff no doubt ).   Speaking  of stuff,  we could have traveled over the river and bought marijuana legally – just for fun.   I don’t care for messing up my thinking ,  let alone my lungs. Moreover , I’m not admitting to have tried it before (not on this blog) But,  I did think it’d be cool to say that I bought pot,  especially to my pot- loving brother- Pete.
The stone wall circling the mountain top had a diameter that allowed for reflected sound to return to the center; regardless of which direction one turns &  shouts (a telephone effect).   This is fun,  also views East (Mt. Hood)  and West?   (MT St Helens and Adams).
So we arrived at the station at 11 for a 12 o’clock departure (right).   It was 1250 when we pulled out.   The driver was late to work it appears.   This fella is filling  in,  bless him.   He’s from NC (so he’s a bit off – you know those NC types- Bill W).
We were scheduled to stop at 42 bus stations across the USA.   Even the greyhound security man felt sorry for us upon hearing of this journey.   The seats are surprisingly comfortable (will I agree after 3500 miles ?) Spotty WiFi and USB power make it tolerable.
Passed Dalles city cycle, the guy was very helpful with Oli’s damaged hub, as we recall.
One nice man who was very personable at the Portland terminal left his backpack on the bus after our first break stop (he never returned to the bus). I saw him arguing  with himself beside the bus, just minutes earlier. A kind lady, with a toddler, had exchanged cell numbers with him earlier, and so she appointed herself to get his bag back to him. She sympathizes with him, since they both are at different stages of rehab. She maintains a constant, and Loud report with little Jason, as he babbles in a 2 year old’s code.: a language only he, some space aliens, other new speakers, and perhaps mom can comprehend. He’s remarkably quiet now, as the sandman calls. Even mom, who has not relaxed her larynx since Portland, is toning down. Earlier, with a cell signal present, she was quite loud as her husband, and 40 passengers got to hear her relay vital information, such as our current location and how she’d prepared nuts and chips for his snack. The frequent calls reminded me of others that I know, who use their cell to call, seemingly because they can. I’m happy to inform that I rarely waste time and money calling, unless there is a definite, valid reason (“hey, I killed your cat by mistake” or “hi mom, yea, all well, except the cancer”). No, I waste my time and money texting and surfing the Web: endeavors that disturb no one around me.

So, were climbing some mountains Mouth has haulted her constant chatter with all but her son. She continues to ask him questions. Current child rearing advise applauds this kind of exchange, call and response, and even better yet, asking questions requiring more detailed thinking and answers.

Our driver has made it clear that he is in charge, with a firm, commanding voice, as he reads the In- flight safety verbatim. All are quiet except, guess who? We are trying to recover 45 minutes as to make our Denver connection., although no breathe – holding here.


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