Tuesday October 7th

Portland is an happenng city. It’s very granola, people are ecologically conscious and proud of that fact. Shopkeepers pack your belongings into paper bags, if you need a bag that is. I don’t think you can find a plastic grocery bag in the city of Portland – they may arrest me if they find mine. What you can find here are hoards of cyclists, walkers, and joggers. Many people also enjoying reading in front of the coffee shops. Last time I ssaw this many bikes was in Oxford University back in 1991. The roads are used by trams, buses, and bicycles ( oh and and few cars) . Portland has many young energetic people, bicycling mountain climbing just enjoying the outdoors. Many older folks are also very healthy and earth-conscious , surely above average for United States. Not many Bush fans in sight.
MARY LOU and Les are in their mid sixties,  and enjoy regular Cycling,  and walking their beautiful Islandic sheep dogs,  Tiesla ,  and her mother Malá.  Also,  I’m inspired by my hosts energy and interests.   Not only do they read daily,  but both enjoy being involved (language classes,  clubs or projects) – there’s always a full calendar.

From the great pool of Warmshowers hosts,  We’re happy that we chose them (and were accepted with open arms).
WE MET Mary Lou’ s mom (92) and lives alone,  nearby.
I hope all goes well for them,  and maybe someday well see them again (VA,  CZ,  or?).
We packed and shipped the bikes and gear today.   After some investigation and weighing options,  we ended up fed-ex in bikes and gear (we disassembled bikes at Western cycles),  and drove them to the shipping center.
It was so nice having  her car to use for these errands,  this saved us time and energy.
Anxiously awaiting the long bus ride,  I am brainstorming things I can do to minimize the pain in my hamstring. Not the result of biking; it has been hurting for about 1 year. Mostly when I sit.


COUNTRY CREST VIEW OF MT HOOD (one of Oregon’s volcanoes – and highest mountain).
I really like western OR,  the east is not so great,  desert like, spartan.


A birds eye view of our tour (the top jagged line).


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