So we barged into this Mongolian buffet one evening  very hungry,  and searching intently for a quick and ready Chinese buffet. I waited by the door,  bike attire and all.   Oli made a bee-line to inspect the buffet line for an adequate selection.   Seeing that we were on the fence,  the manager chatted me up.   “So you must build up an appetite.   Lots of bikers come in here. ”
” have you hu-hotted before? ”  no,  I said,  and as oli shook her head and headed for the door, ” and it looks like we still will not have”.  I have been asking Oli for about  week now whether she’s HuHotted before…. 
Subway,  then head for?   We Re in Mandan now.



2 thoughts on “HuHot”

  1. Looks like you have met some wonderful people! It is a rarity these days! I am glad that you are going to get another shot (if you can find someone to do it). I still worry but know you will be safe. Love you much, Mom

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