Saturday August 23

Wind Rain Dog odometer
Breakfast at the resort on crow Creek and some other recreation area.   Stayed in a great vacant newly constructed storage garage.   This place was perfect,  had open garage door,  smooth cement floor,  fairly clean,  bar the dust,  next to the hotel.   In effect,  we ate dinner,  used hotel restrooms,   walked to this camp spot,  had protection from bad storms rain and wind,  woke , walked to breakfast….next doot

ICE BUCKET Challenge is all the Facebook rage. Trying to get Oli to do one.   

43 miles today.   Oli lost her odometer.   We had 18.MPH headwind for a while.   We decided to ask a guy on the Prarie for a ride further down.   He said no,  was late for a wedding.   His dog was a sweet, gentle,  not too quick Lab.   After realizing that we lost the odometer,  we spent about an hour looking for it.   The dog latched onto US and would not leave us alone,  following us everywhere as we looked for odometer.    We did find it,  then moved on.   The dog would not stop following us.   We found another house 2 miles down the road  they weren’t home,  so we tied the dog there  with a note (previous house owner said this was his friend) .   Rain is dreary,  ending now 730, found camp site at Bob’s resort. On RT 1804 before being North on 83.
Crisp morning,  68°,  dry air,  E.  Wind 7mph big day ahead,  no services for 46 mi.
Slept at Bob’s Resort,  a tent site,  electric,  next to nice bathrooms with hot showers.   We hung out in Bob’s store at the tables,  eating our food (and food we bought from him).   We did so until the rain subsided,  then got to building tent.
Bob is a gruff,  Hunter  fisherman type,  he’s the only one working the store 7am,-9PM (I think),  operating a store,  He also has a small restaurant,  the RV sites (40) and a hotel (100/night). He charged us 16$


6 thoughts on “Saturday August 23”

  1. Just checking in to check your progress. We have enjoyed tagging along with you on your journey. Thinking of you and wishing you well, stay safe. Happy Trails, Lamona and Harold.

    1. Thanks Lamona. We are fine, today is sunny, cool, and windless so far. Whenever we feel beaten, forgotten, or down, some kind stranger always perks us up. Thanks for views G our progress

    2. We made it. Greyhound bus from Portland to MD. The colorful characters sharing our bus are forever burned into my memory. Bikes beat us home via FEDEX We’re back in VA now and getting ready for Czech.

    1. Thanks Richard. We’ll be fine. I guess that may have been one of those “doldrums” days (’till the free ride) . Today appears to have no wind yet, cool, clear and sunny.

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